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Tsuta Crowned as World’s First Michelin Star Ramen Shop


A tiny Tokyo noodle spot that just became the first ramen place to ever get a coveted Michelin star where bowls of the good stuff are priced as low as US $7.

The Michelin Star is considered to be the Holy Grail of food rankings. In the old days, the Michelin Guide only awarded stars to fine dining establishments and a three-star ranking means a restaurant is world-class establishment where meals do not come cheap. But even one-star restaurants, which Michelin considers top of their categories are typically rather expensive.

Tsuta is not your regular neighborhood ramen joint. Only 150 bowls of ramen are served daily – priced at ‎¥1,000 to ‎¥1,500 a bowl.

The shop only opens at 11am and queue tickets have allocated slots of 11:00am (white), 12:00pm (light blue), 1:00pm (blue), 2:00pm (pink), 3:00pm (green), and 4:00pm (yellow).

Prepare ¥1,000 CASH per ticket as a deposit which will be returned to you when you come back. Once you are called to enter the shop, prepare cash/coins as you order the ramen via a vending machine.

Here is the menu:

The noodles are made with four types of whole wheat flour, Chasiu served with black truffle sauce, and broth an Umami chicken-seafood blend, along with rock salt, red wine and rosemary infusions.

The base of the soy broth is made with three types of Shoyu. Two of the Shoyu are formulated in-house. Chef Onishi has personally visited a Shoyu brewer in Wakayama Prefecture and requested for it to brew the third soy sauce to his specifications. This Shoyu is made with whole soy beans that are matured for two years.

The noodle texture was a crossover between ramen and soba. It had chewy and firm with a touch of softness. All the ingredients worked very well together including the wanton which had a silky smooth skin. Unlike other rich heavy ramen broths, this ramen had a clean yet layered taste. It was light enough, and so won’t leave queasy feeling even if you intend to finish the bowl.

Next time you’re in Tokyo, be sure to try it out!


Tsuta 蔦
1-14-1 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (5 min walk from Sugamo Station)
東京都豊島区巣鴨1-14-1 Plateau-Saka 1F
Tel: 03-3943-1007
Opening Hours: 11am – 4pm



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