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Futuristic, Traditionalistic, Romantic: Complete Guide to Odaiba


Odaiba is the hottest amusement spot connected to Tokyo with an automated, elevated train with rubber tires. Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay and originally created to protect Tokyo from attacks at sea during the Edo era. With the Fuji TV Building, Telecom Cen ter and Tokyo Big Sight all in this area, Odaiba has transformed into one of the most popular tourist spot with a wide selection of shop, dine and do options.

Lantern Festival at Odaiba

I’ve been to Odaiba so many times I can’t even keep count. This is one of those places I keep coming back to each time I visit Tokyo, despite the countless times I have already been in Tokyo. Here are the reasons why I keep coming back and back and back…

Decks Tokyo Beach Mall

Top of our list here at Odaiba would be Decks Tokyo Beach Mall. Just this place already has enough spots to keep you busy for at least half a day: Legoland, Joypolis (indoor amusement park), the Trick Art Museum, the Takoyaki (octopus balls) Museum and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Decks Tokyo Beach Mall

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

The Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo at Odaiba is definitely the place for you if you’re with family. This indoor amusement park has interactive exhibitions, workshops, a 4D cinema and the Lego diorama, where you’ll be able to see the whole of Tokyo modeled in Legos.

Entrance Fee: JP¥1,700 – 2,400

Free of Charge for kids under two

Tokyo Tower made of Legos


The Joypolis at Odaiba is owned by SEGA, and there a TON of video games and rides here. I absolutely LOVE this place (me and my passion for video games), I mean how could you possibly resist spaceship racing, flying through the sky, and laser tags? Definitely go for the unlimited rides pass if you love games like I do!

Entrance Fee: JP¥800 with additional charge per ride

Reservations: Grab your hassle-free online reservations here!

Unlimited Rides: JP¥4,300

Joypolis, Odaiba
Indoor Roller Coaster at Joypolis

The Trick Art  Museum

The Trick Art  Museum at Odaiba is another one of those places where you take your photo and post on IG to get a million likes. Basically, with a little bit of imagination and your iPhone or camera, you would be able to take really cool photos with the 2D drawings by creating illusions. The Trick Art Musuem has an Edo area, a Haunted Mansion, a Trick art Gallery and also a Puzzle area. Haunted Mansion was my personal favourite, Japanese monsters are just so cute (one legged and eyed umbrella, anyone?).

Entrance Fee: JP¥900 (Adults)

JP¥600 (Children)

Free of Charge of for kids under 3

The Trick Art Museum at Odaiba

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

I know right. Takoyaki Musuem? Am I in heaven?

Well to be accurate it’s more of a food court than a museum. There are a total of six shops, each with a different takoyaki variation and all tasting equally heavenly. Other than the food, there is a takoyaki theme shop for souvenirs and a selection of Takoyaki arcade games.

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Nothing much to introduce here since most of you would be pretty familiar with Madame Tussauds, the world-famous wax figure museum. There is a branch here at Odaiba and if you’re up for some photo taking and laughs, head right in.

Steve Jobs made of wax

Palette Town

Other than Decks Tokyo Beach Mall, Odaiba offers yet another mega shopping complex where you will be able to find Venus Fort, Daikanransha (the Ferris wheel) and Tokyo Mega Web.

Palette Town

Venus Fort

This place reminds me of the Venetian in Vegas with its fountain and blue sky white clouds on the ceiling. Other than the usual shopping stuff on the 2/F. (Nike, Zara, Jelly Beans), remember to check out the outlet on 3/F. with shops like Beams and G-Star Raw have their goodies for sell at a low price (favorites for our fellow Hong Kong friends).

Venus Fort

Daikanransha (the Ferris Wheel)

The Ferris Wheel at Odaiba is over 100 meters tall  and is one of the world’s largest ferris wheels. The view during the day and the night is quite different so try checking out of both. But just in case you don’t want to be going on twice, we would recommend you get on the Wheel at night. Odaiba and Tokyo’s night view is just spectacular. One whirl is around 15 minutes and you could choose the normal cubicle or glass door cubicle.

Fee: JP¥900

Daikanransha (the Ferris Wheel)

The Tokyo Mega Web

The Tokyo Mega Web at Odaiba is a mega showroom with the latest models of cars in Tokyo. Feel free to hop on for a test ride.

Cars on display at The Tokyo Mega Web

Rainbow Bridge

So for those of you who are at least my age and watches Japanese drama, you will be pretty familiar with the Rainbow bridge. But if not, this bridge got its name from the colors of the rainbow at night (during June, in other months it still lights up but not in rainbow colors). Absolutely stunning view so make sure to get enough snaps of this place, not to mention that this is one of the landmarks here in Odaiba. Best view if you get shot from the Ferris Wheel.

Rainbow Bridge in June

The Statue of Liberty

Yup, another replicate right here in Odaiba. Go ahead and take a picture, locals love their shots taken here as this is one of the three in Japan.

The Statue of Liberty


Sad to say that the Gundam has already been removed recently. But no fear! Another Gundam will be replaced in Fall 2017. Let’s take a look at the 18 meter old one anyway, shall we?

Already demolished Gundam at Odabai

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari

Ooedo Onsen is another place that I have been to so many times that I’ve lost count.  This place is THE place to go after a long exhausting day of shopping and games at Odaiba to freshen myself up. Ooedo Onsen offers 13 different kinds of natural hot springs, some gushing up from 1,400 meters underground. The Ooedo Onsen recreates the old Edo era, offering a unique but authentic Onsen experience. Be sure not to miss out our detailed guide on how to get to the Onsen and what amazing experience you’ll be able to get out of it. CLICK HERE to reserve your tickets online for Ooedo Onsen Monogatari for a special discount. 

Ooedo Onsen at Odaiba

Keeping smart from these tips:

1. Make sure you drop by the Odaiba Beach with your other half. The Odaiba Beach is one of the best places to have your photo taken with the Rainbow Bridge and really romantic too.

2. Make sure you save a whole day for Odaiba. Head in right after breakfast and enjoy a full day here and end your day by finishing at Ooedo Onsen after dinner.

Hanabi over Rainbow Bridge

How to get here

By Train

From Tokyo Station
1. Get on the JR.
Line: Yamanote line
Stop: Get off at Ginza Station
Time: Around 2 minutes

2.Transfer to Metro.
Line: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Stop: Get off at Shimbashi
Time: Around 2 minutes
Fees: JP¥170

3.Transfer to Yurikamome.
Line: Yurakucho Subway Line
Stop: Get off at Daiba Station
Time: Around 15 minutes
Fees: JP¥320

From Shinjuku Station
1. Get on the Metro.
Line: Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
Stop: Get off at Akasaka-mitsuke Station
Time: Around 9 minutes

2.Transfer to Metro (another line).
Line: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Stop: Get off at Shimbashi
Time: Around 5 minutes
Fees: JP¥200

3.Transfer to Yurikamome.
Line: Yurakucho Subway Line
Stop: Get off at Daiba Station
Time: Around 15 minutes
Fees: JP¥320

By Boat

From Asakusa
Time: Around 50 minutes
Fees: JP¥1,560

From Hinode Pier
Time: Around 20 minutes
Fees: JP¥480



*Photos are embedded from Pininterest, Instagram and Google images

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