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Where to Find the Cheap but Good Stuff: Kimono Rentals in Asakusa


Trying the Kimono is definitely one of the things you should do in Japan, especially when you have planned your day in the Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine. Check out our guide on where to get the most value for money rentals for Kimonos below.

Woman in Kimono

So, first things first.

Just to be clear, the reason why you should always rent Kimonos are because real Kimonos are crazy expensive and for just a one-time experience, I don’t think anyone would be spending their money on that. Obviously, it’s also a matter of having no one to put it on for you after buying it, which would be a disaster since there are A LOT of layers and A LOT of belts and A LOT of tying and knots… you get the picture. The obasan at the rental shops are professionally trained to put these on for you.

That being said, you could easily get a simple Yukata (summer Kimono) from Uniqlo or Kimono shops for a much cheaper price. I bought one from Kyoto from a tiny shop in the Shopping District and it was less than JP¥5,000 (Yukata and 2 pieces of sash). But bear in mind that these will look very different from the ones that you rent from the Kimono stores.

Yukata in Summer

Kimono Rental in the Asakusa Area

To be honest, all the Kimono stores in Tokyo offer very nice and authentic Kimonos, plus they are quite reasonably charged. However, most of the obasan do not speak English very well, so this can be a bit difficult. But rest assured, other than the obasan, some of them do have younger English speaking (sort of) employees.

Below are some recommendations from us in the Asakusa Area that offer English speakers:

Aiwafuku *Recommended!

Address: 2-3F NW Building, 1-11-4 Hanakawado, Taito-Ku, Tokyo

Hours: 9:30AM to 6PM

Reservations: Reservations here, book now!

Aiwafuku has a total of three shops in the Asakusa area and all of them are very close to Asakusa Station and Sensoji Temple. It is pretty popular with the locals and had local media like Morning Bird from TV Asahi, Magazine Zipper etc. featuring this petite shop. This shop is highly recommended as it is CHEAP and services are really good (well, to be fair all Japanese shops offer really good services). There are so many varieties to choose from so make sure you have something in mind before popping over to avoid the headache!

These are some photos taken in from Aiwafuku so you get the idea of how you would be choosing your kimonos:

Choosing the outer layer
Choosing the sashes
Choosing the belts
Choosing kimono bags
Choosing your sandals

Asakusa Shichihenge

Hours: 10AM to 5PM

Reservations: Make online reservations here

Basic Rental cost: 3,300 yen (2,800 yen during summer months)
Asakusa Shichihenge offers a very price friendly plan, just for 3,300 yen you can be enjoying yourself in the full set of kimono plus tabi (socks to go with). In summer (June to September), yukatas (summer “bath robe”, you know like the ones you wear in onsens) are rented in place of kimonos, and they are only 2,800 yen. Do be mindful that you will need to have them returned by 4:30PM. If you want something a bit more, there are also furisode for a geisha makeover plans but take note that these will be significantly more expensive than the others.

Geisha mode


Address: 2/F, 1-18-9 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Hours: 10AM – 6PM

Basic Rental cost: 4,000 yen

Reservation: Make online reservations here

For Miiko, you will need to reserve in advanced so make sure you drop them an email beforehand letting them know when you will be arriving and which rental plan you are going to pick. Miiko offers a longer rental time – the kimonos will have to be returned to the shop by 6PM. Shopping here earns you a free cup of delicious matcha (one of my fav). You can also pick out add-ons (and of course they are not free) for photo shoots or rickshaw rides.

Girl in Yukata in Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa Kimono Koto

Address: 2F Daigen bldg., 2-18-12 Kaminarimon, Tokyo

Hours: 9:30AM – 6PM

Reservations: Make online reservations here

Basic Rental cost: 3,300 yen

Kimono in Autumn

Asakusa Kimono Koto is another price friendly shop especially if you reserve in advanced online. They provide the full rundown: your undergarments, sash thing, sandals and also your hair done in the traditional style and traditional looking hair pin. Walk in is totally fine too, but you don’t get the hair-styling. So for those of you who wants the full experience, book online!
For the guys: same thing and its 3,800 yen.
Just in case you are travelling with more than just your other half, they have a discount for 3 or more. The kimono will have to be returned by 5:00pm, so it is best to go in the morning so you can enjoy longer. Obviously there are also more choices in the morning before others come and pick out all the good ones. Just in case you can’t make it in time to return the kimono, it’s only an extra 1,000-yen charge. My personal experience tells me that you can’t really wear the kimono for a whole day. It’s VERY tiring especially if you are wearing those sandals and have planned a full day of sightseeing.

Sakura Photo Studio

Address: Tokyo Taitoku Kaminarimon1-12-12 Suzuki Bldg 4F

Hours: 9:30AM – 7PM

Reservations: Make online reservations here


Kyoto Kimono Rental (yes it’s in Tokyo)

Address:  Tokyo-to Taitoh-ku Asakusa 1-41-8 Atelier Building 1F, 2F

Hours: 9:30AM – 6PM

Reservations: Make online reservations here

Children in kimono

Asakusa Hanaka

Address: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo 1110033

Hours: 9:30AM – 6PM

Reservations: Make online reservations here

Picture of girls in Kimono from Asakusa Hanaka




*Photos are embedded from Pininterest, Instagram and Google images

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